Mar 05

Webmaster, Mentor & Great Guy!

About eighteen months ago, I met with my sister, Kathryn Burke’s friend, William Radvanyi, to discuss my desire to set up a website to highlight my books and art.  He graciously agreed to assist me to set up a website.

A sharp learning curve has allowed me to become much more knowledgeable and proficient, but it would not have been possible without William’s unfailing support and answers to my very naive questions.  He has guided me to make my website better and better, and I continue to strive to improve.

William has a busy family, a busy business and in the interim, squeezes in community work as well as helping out those like me.  He is an entrepreneur, author, graphic designer, an expert in database and a busy father of four. A huge shout out to William.  Thank you! You can reach William at: http://www.trendsetting.com/