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Aug 10

Ghostly Appearances

In my last post, I lamented my inability to upload a drawing of Lady Charlotte of Lachlaich, the Genetrix of my new series. I don’t scroll to the bottom of my home page that often; it runs a side show of the Posts.  Imagine my shock to see the picture there and not in the …

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Aug 03

Thunder, Lightning and Spirits

I love a good storm, whether I’m sitting in the comfort and safety of my home (sometimes with spirits) while the thunder booms and the lightning flashes through the window pane, or reading about one in a good book. It’s invigorating. There is something about the noise and light and power that mesmerizes. After a …

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Jul 15

Summertime, and the Living is – Busy!

Today is a hazy July day, the temperature is perfectly comfortable, and there is a slight zephyr of breeze to assist the butterflies as they go about their business among the brightly colored flowers. No matter how busy life becomes, sometime I must remind myself to stop and smell the flowers, or at least take a moment …

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Jul 10

Author Recognition – Visual Recognition

Boy, what a long title! Truthfully, I had no idea how to title this post.  What I am trying to do is to introduce the icon for my new trilogy, Genetrix.  You can find it on the Genetrix page and because I like it, on the home page. There is a benefit to having a …

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Jul 02

Edits, Outlines and New Caricatures

Best wishes to everyone celebrating our nations’ birthdays. Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful Canada Day and will enjoy the Fourth of July. My sojourn to the lovely city of Edmonton was filled full and much was accomplished. It was delightful to spend time with my sister and her family.  Each city has its own flavour …

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Jun 25

A New Week, a New Place, a New Genetrix Character

A week flies by in the blink of an eye.and I wonder where it went.  Then I remember: getting my life  into a semblance of order, flying to Grande Prairie, Alberta to judge some very nice dogs and reconnect with some very nice people, and a visit with my sister and her family .Sometimes, being …

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Jun 18

Uncovering Physical Characteristics of Characters

Confession time. I prefer to be a panster. There, I’ve said it, despite the gasps. Oh the heresy. Hear me out. For this latest book, Genetrix: The Amity, I did what the ‘experts’ claim to be the ‘proper’ way to write.  Besides my normal research, I wrote an outline, divided it into quarters for the …

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Jun 04

The Process of Writing an Ebook

It is a rainy overcast day, with 20 mm of rain forecast for tonight.  I was going to quote the age old April showers bring May flowers – but since it’s now June that’s somewhat lame. However, my mood does not match the grey day.  For one thing, all the flowers, trees and shrubs are a …

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May 21

Welcome to the World of Genetrix!

The word Genetrix  means a female ancestor. What happens when you meet a sixteenth- century genetrix  and her Scottish sidekick, but you aren’t dreaming? Find out what happens in my new series: Genetrix.  The first book is called The Amity (the friendship, the circle). Our hero ghosts from Malice & Murder make a stop on …

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May 18

The Beginning of a New World

The hubbub has ceased and everyone has returned to their lives. Except me. I am unsure what life is for me at this juncture. While the paperwork involved with a death is huge, it is amazing how that life is removed from official record. I once heard that leaving was like removing one’s hand from a …

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