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Books to readTHE LIVING IMAGE – Author, P.M. Richter

This is an entertaining, imaginative, over-the-top book to take to the beach or sit by the fireplace with a glass of wine. A beautiful woman wakes up in a tanning salon, sees her mirror image and her life is turned upside down as they are pursued by what seems to be everyone. The relationship between the two women evolves quickly and baffles the hitherto non-committal boyfriend, who steps in to help them. An enjoyable read.

MICHAL’S WINDOW – Author, Rachelle Ayala

Immediately drawn into the customs of the long ago time in which Michal’s Window was written, it was easy to be swept away by Michal’s feelings for a young David and to endure setbacks with her as the story unfolds. Rachelle Ayala has scripted an interesting blend of history and sympathetic imagination to create a love story from Biblical history, and she has done so very well.


I was taken by the character of orphan, Emily Van Sheldon, beautifully written by Mary Forbes, as are all the characters in this Romance, set in Alberta’s stunning foothills and Stampede City, Calgary. Follow Emily’s journey from grinding poverty to a perfectly planned life, until she crosses paths with the enigmatic Wade Hart, country music star and sparks fly. An easily read, engaging romance.

INNOCENT LITTLE CRIMES – Author, Susanne Lakin

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Who would have predicted fifteen years ago, that the shining star of a college theatre group would be the heavy girl with the plain face, not its more attractive members. When a gilt-edged invitation is delivered to the college theatre group’s members to join the now rich and famous Lila Charmichael on her remote private island in the San Juan’s for a weekend, each arrives with an agenda.

Little do they know, Lila has her own agenda and it is revenge for what she believes was their callous cruelty while in college. Learn how these diverse characters cope with Lila’s twisted plan and its unexpected conclusion. The ride you’ll take is wilder than the seas in the San Juan’s during a fierce storm–life jacket required. Highly recommended.

MAYHEM BLUES –  Author, J.P. Hansen

This book was fun to read. I enjoyed the characters, in particular the neurotic lawyer hero, many of whose lines made me laugh, the crusty old Blues shouter, his granddaughter and their friend, the nurse with an unusual hobby. Together, they expose the inequities suffered by the early Blues musicians and enable the reader a peek back into their lifestyle. I felt so comfortable with the characters and their journey that I didn’t foresee the twist at the end. I’m looking forward to seeing what adventures the vanilla lawyer stumbles into next.

TARGET: PAIN DOC – Author, Linda S. Cheek, MD

This story is about devout woman, who became a doctor later in her life, and innocently invoked the wrath of several US departmental agencies. Her fear, disbelief and frustration are achingly apparent as the raid filters into every corner of her life. It kept my interest and I learned something about holistic medicine as well.

AN ACCIDENTAL ADVOCATE –  Author, Kathryn Burke

This is a must read for anyone dealing with a learning challenged child. A mother’s journey to advocate for her child is heartfelt and honest and gives the reader sound, practical advice.

 NEVER GIVE UP –  Author, Adriana Cerrotti

This is a happy, positive and I think, uplifting children’s book. Ms. Cerrotti’s artistic talent lifts it out of the ordinary. Highly recommended. (A children’s picture book)

MAKING BREAD WITH BAKER TED – Author, Adriana Cerrotti

While reading this book, I imagined an enraptured child listening. This book doesn’t talk down to children, which I believe is important. The illustrations are superb, and complement the text beautifully. Another winner by this author/artist. (A children’t picture book)



  1. ronnie

    Hello there,
    Just going through some of Joel’s stuff and clicked on your name.
    I just finished my manuscript after 2 years and the editor has returned it complete, which I had to spend six months with her back and forth.
    If you know anyone who loves to read, (I’m more auditory) I would be glad to send a copy of the manuscript.
    called;Life of a Roadie, the Gypsy in me. BY radio personality Ronnie Rush.
    This is the only book/memoir I plan on writing.

    Ronnie Rush
    Sacramento, CA

    1. NancyP

      Hi Ronnie
      I am not a book reviewer, I just put up reviews for the books I have had the time to read. My agenda is very full right now, but I will pass your name along. Your book sounds interesting. Best wishes for much success.

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