Aug 03

Thunder, Lightning and Spirits

I love a good storm, whether I’m sitting in the comfort and safety of my home (sometimes with spirits) while the thunder booms and the lightning flashes through the window pane, or reading about one in a good book. It’s invigorating. There is something about the noise and light and power that mesmerizes.

After a particularly bright flash of lightning caused the electricity to flicker, it got me thinking about the spirits in The Amity, which I am editing and polishing before it takes its journey to my editor (to be re-polished when it returns).

This was the point where I intended to insert a drawing of Lady Charlotte of LochLaich, the Genetrix of the series.

I love my new laptop; it’s blazing fast and has oodles of memory. But the antivirus installed on it has declared all my Photoshop pictures to be ‘dangerous’ and won’t upload them to the website.  AAAK! hours and hours and hours have been poured into refining them just the way I wanted them and the old laptop is still in cardiac arrest.  Alas, it may be time to call in my peerless techie… Sigh.

Instead, this is a photo of a Hawthorn tree in full bloom, a major plot point in the first Genetrix book, The Amity. The photo was taken here in beautiful British Columbia.