The World of Genetrix



There are three separate worlds in Genetrix: the Upper World or Gwnyvyd , wherein reside the deities which rule the Universe, those spirits whose time in the Middle World has passed and beings who serve the deities.  The Middleworld or Abred consists of the material world: mortal humans, animals, and the gods and godesses responsible for the well being and balance of nature. The Under World or Amwn is populated by dark demons, black human spiriits and the deities of the dead. 

When three modern-day ghosts wandering the Middle World together, encounter two sixteenth century ghosts, sparks literally fly as these beings are seconded by the Universe to become a kick-ass ghost commando squad. The Amity is their name and expelling evil back to the Under World is their game. Follow the Amity as each ghost tries to overcome their own flaws and frailties for the good of all. 

The Characters





In her mortal life, Cee was an important partner in her Uncle’s jewel theft operation. To pay for her indiscretions while mortal, she believes her atonement has been to wander since her murder. Abandonment by her mother and her childhood with a cruel and indifferent father has left her with emotional scars. She adores her Uncle Clifford and the third modern-day ghost in their little family, Rupert. She is a member of the Amity.






Ghost RUPERT MURDOACH, Murder Detective

In his mortal life, Rupert was  a diligent police murder detective.  He was murdered investigating the deaths of both Cee and her Uncle Clifford, ironically by their murderer. Afterlife has allowed Rupert to come out of his shell and become Cee`s partner in every way.  He is stalwart, loyal, and totally dedicated to truth, justice and Cee. He is a member of the Amity.





Ghost CLIFFORD EVERETT MILLER, Second Son of the Miller Family

Clifford is Cee’s uncle, murdered eighteen months before Cee.  He took over as her father figure when Cee was a young teen and they are a tight knit family. He ran an  art gallery for something to do and an international jewel theft ring for his amusement. Cee was his principal accomplice, and worked at his London art gallery when she wasn’t his companion on jewel thefts. She inherited both of his businesses upon his death. He is a member of the Amity






Five year old Charlie is Cee’s nephew, and her brother Mitchell’s second son. He is a normal five year old  in most respects, but holds many ‘gifts‘, among them the ability to see ghosts. He needs the Amity’s protection, but why?




Genetrix of the series, Lotte holds powerful skills in majiks, healing and as a seer. Cee is her descent and virtual twin She, along with Sir Alesdair are the solid core of The Amity, and it is sometimes humorous to see them struggle with modern day language. She is a member of The Amity.








Ghost SIR ALESDAIR OF MURDOACH, King of the Murdoach Clan

Sir Alesdair perished protecting Lady Charlotte from their murderers. He also holds powerful majik skills and is a seer.  He is Rupert`s ancestor and an integral member of the Amity. He and Lotte have been a pair for centuries.



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