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Mar 07

Guest Interview – Shannon Shaw

It is my pleasure to introduce thriller writer Shannon Shaw, who shares some thoughts about his writing with us. Tell us about you I am a lifelong resident of Alabama. I currently live in the Rocket City which is better known as Huntsville. I have been a high school teacher and a coach for the …

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Feb 21

A Published EBook: Let the Social Media Begin!

This weekend, I published Malice & Murder and I cannot force the smile from my face. Lots of hard work made this happen. But this was not a solitary venture. I am an artist and artists, for the most part, are solitary animals. When I began to write again, it was in that artist mode: the …

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Jan 04

UK Policing Organization

As I continue to refine and edit Malice & Murder (working title The Whisper), I found myself faced with a dilemma. Because I used Steven Hunter, one of my heroes from the Spy Series, as one of the protagonists in this book and the story reaches back into his childhood, the location of the book was, of …

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Dec 23

What’s in a Name?

  For the second time, I have listened to those whose opinions I trust, and changed what I believed was a good book title.  This book is still in the hands of beta readers and being edited, with a target publish date in January. Thankfully, no ISBN number has been created yet. At this point …

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Dec 20

Twitter: You Have to Love it!

It has been my experience that Twitter has allowed me the opportunity to interact with a group of very nice, interesting and diverse people. I have had an entertaining, humorous conversation with mystery writer, @erickeithmystry. He is a very witty and funny man; follow him if you don’t already. I admire quick-witted people because I …

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Dec 15

Do Ghosts Exist?

This is such a busy time of year.  Besides the rush of Christmas shopping, arranging meals and menus for arriving family, I chose this time of the year to write a new book. Why? Because it demanded to be written and being weak, I could not resist the adrenalin rush of revealing its mysteries. I …

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Dec 03

The Puppet and WWII History

‘Tis the season of television specials and re-runs. Last evening, my husband was scrolling channels, looking for something to watch other than Christmas specials or hockey games played by teams he was not interested to watch. Along the way, he paused to watch a World War II clip of soldiers in the trenches and the atrocities and …

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Dec 01

Categories of Fiction

December First!  The Christmas season officially begins.  In our community, this is the night that everyone turns on the Christmas lights for the first time and almost immediately, a holiday spirit begins to take hold. The house is decorated and let the holiday season begin! The Puppet is now on the Premier List on Smashwords …

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Nov 17

I Love Paris…

Paris was one of my favourite cities that we visited during a whirlwind European tour. Don’t get me wrong, every city had its charm and beauty. Vienna was resplendent, Florence unforgettable and Venice – a virtual feast for the eyes! London, Bath and York are magnificent, but when I chose to take my story to …

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Nov 13

A Debate Over Language …

The PUPPET, the fourth book of the Spy Series is now uploaded and active on Smashwords, and I’m formatting Book Three, BACKLASH for Amazon. Originally, the title was “Le Marionette”, which is puppet in French.  Since it takes place in Paris, my reasoning was that it was logical to give it the French name, just …

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