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Sep 17

A Solitary Sunday Night – How Many Others Face One?

It has been a warm, sunny fall weekend here in Central British Columbia. I am babysitting my neighbour’s delightful eight year old Shih Tzu cross, an adoptee and the sweetest creature. Since she was adopted at the end of May, the routine has been that she comes across their patio and crosses mine to wait for …

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May 18

The Beginning of a New World

The hubbub has ceased and everyone has returned to their lives. Except me. I am unsure what life is for me at this juncture. While the paperwork involved with a death is huge, it is amazing how that life is removed from official record. I once heard that leaving was like removing one’s hand from a …

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Apr 23

Birth, Death and In-between

This weekend, reality bit me in the behind. The road down which I walk is a lonely one, and I am alone.  No hankies required; I am surrounded by family who love me, generous friends and caring medical practitioners. Anyone who has watched a loved one disintegrate an inch at a time will confirm this, …

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