Jul 15

Summertime, and the Living is – Busy!

Today is a hazy July day, the temperature is perfectly comfortable, and there is a slight zephyr of breeze to assist the butterflies as they go about their business among the brightly colored flowers. No matter how busy life becomes, sometime I must remind myself to stop and smell the flowers, or at least take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the day.

I am pleased with the progress made this week on Genetrix – The Amity. The book cover and brand logo are done, work is progressing well in the next phase of re-writing/editing and another caricature from The Amity has been posted on The World of Genetrix page.

Charlie Miller, Cee’s five year old nephew is the first mortal to be introduced.  He’s a normal five year old, but he’s also special. He can see ghosts. And he needs the protection of our kick-ass ghost commando squad.  But why?