Mar 17

Some Thoughts: Why Do People love St. Patrick’s Day?

Top of the morning to everyone!

St. Patrick’s day is one of those celebrations  noted in many places other than Ireland.  When I was a child, it was always celebrated in school and classes were decorated in green shamrocks and leprechauns.  Everyone wore green, even if it was your socks, and sometimes there were parades.  I wonder if New York city still holds a parade – I’ll have to Google that one.

No longer in a formal office setting, the celebration is more low-key now. The daily to and fro with people is less formal and sometimes, there is no contact with others, depending on the schedule.

Why, I wonder,  does St.  Patrick’s Day remain popular?  Is it because it is generally viewed as a day for silliness, tricks, leprechauns and other wonderful imaginary beings waving shamrocks? I think that’s part of it even though  St. Patrick was a religious figure, drenched in folklore and the mists of history.

I also think,  those of us who have a “some of the green” in our blood, like the link it gives us to Ireland, the home of our forefathers (and mothers).  And of course, who doesn’t love the idea of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? What do you think?