Nov 15

It’s A New World For Me…

As I sit among the boxes filled with my possessions in my new condo, it occurred to me that it has been some time since life has allowed me the luxury to post on this blog. Our forty-first anniversary happened the long weekend in September, and I admit honestly, it hit me like a fist from out of the blue. According to those in the “know” I am right on schedule for a crash after Sam’s passing, and it  did happen. However, a lot of things fell into perspective and set in motion many positive things in my life.

After months on the market, my home finally sold, but I only had ten days to completion. Complicating matters,, a judging assignment in Brazil was smack in the middle of it all. It is hard to believe this old body moved fast enough to get everything done, but it did! I forgot to pack my hair gel, but they have gel in Brazil…

Speaking of Brazil, what a wonderful experience! The people are amazing – lovely, and the best hosts. For the first time since Sam’s passing, I really enjoyed my time there, thanks to our hosts. I will forever think of my Brazilian experience as a wonderful transition to a new phase in my life.

Tonight for the first time in a long time, I opened my manuscript and began to edit, despite the chaos around me. And it made me happy. After many months away from myself, I am pleased to declare, I am back. Not the same, but hopefully, tempered like steel.