Mar 02

Indie – Authors, Publishers and Musicians

I am the luckiest person in the world!

I enjoy the freedom of being an indie author and publisher. But along with the fun of writing, comes the responsibility of professionalism, polish, marketing and branding.  In this respect, I have looked for a signature sound, but it’s not that easy.  Music is the same as art and writing – the copyright belongs to the artist.

Indie musicians have been around for a lot longer than indie authors.  They have respect and some, reverence. Not so indie authors. However, this indie author has the great fortune to have an indie composer, musician and performer for an uncle (albeit a very young one).  And… he has given me the most precious gift, a gift from the heart.  He has given me one of his pieces of music to use for my videos, my brand so to speak, and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s called La Lune (French for The Moon).  I can use a number of sections of this piece to accentuate any of my stories. So, Uncle Ed Deigan, my sincere thanks for such a marvellous gift.