Mar 26

Half-way Around the World

Chinese womanI just returned from a week in China, and to say it was different is to declare that red is blue. And yet, in so many respects it was the same: concern for family, work, friends and lifestyle.

Chinese people are charming and friendly despite the language barrier, and the cities busy and clean.  Vehicular traffic was a bit frantic by our standards, but we never saw an accident despite the motor scooters zipping in and out of the cars.

What can be said about their markets other than they were a shopper’s delight.  There was not nearly enough time to thoroughly see all the wares on sale.

Beijing is a cosmopolitan city and foreign travellers are common.  Not so further into China.  People stared, as I am fair and my eyes are blue.  The lady in the photo is a worker in one of the state parks, and she stopped dead for a few minutes when she saw my companion and me. Thankfully, this photo turned out as it was shot quietly without focus from my hip to avoid embarrassing this hard working lady.  China is a delightful place to visit, and I would happily return. Not only did this trip allow me the opportunity to sample the Chinese culture, it planted a few seeds for another story. Such is the life of a writer.