Aug 10

Ghostly Appearances

In my last post, I lamented my inability to upload a drawing of Lady Charlotte of Lachlaich, the Genetrix of my new series.

I don’t scroll to the bottom of my home page that often; it runs a side show of the Posts.  Imagine my shock to see the picture there and not in the actual post! I had no idea it was there. No doubt there’s a technical explanation, but since my ghosts are independent  and sometimes capricious creatures, I’m going to believe it was just Lady Charlotte doing as she wished.

This time she has behaved and I introduce Lady Charlotte of Lochlaich, aka Lotte, the Genetrix and namesake of the series. Cee is her descendant and virtual twin. The only physical  difference is a small mole on Lotte’s left upper lip. She is a seer, a healer and holds strong magiks, which she uses to advantage in the Amity’s battle against Devil Demon’s quest to conquer the Middle World.