Sep 23

Every Book Needs a Cover

My time in Edmonton was well-spent, and I returned home ahead of schedule on the Genetrix series.  Besides writing a major chunk of Book 2: Brethren, I had some time to conceive the premise and look for the series covers and actually put pen to paper and drew them.

Over a number of glasses of lovely red wine, my sister convinced me that this series falls into the Fantasy Genre, with internet examples no less, this is where it belonged. She was right.

This set me free in a lot of ways, as I tend to hold rigidly to what I believe is the proper way of doing things. Yes, I’m aware it’s a flaw, an I’ll put it on my New Year’s Resolution List this year.

The major events in all three books take place in buildings – an abandoned stone cottage in the English countryside, a Victorian-style home in urban Calgary, Alberta, and an abandoned Celtic castle on a crag. This became my visual link between the books, and I’m pleased with the outcome.