Jul 02

Edits, Outlines and New Caricatures

Best wishes to everyone celebrating our nations’ birthdays. Hopefully, everyone had a wonderful Canada Day and will enjoy the Fourth of July.

My sojourn to the lovely city of Edmonton was filled full and much was accomplished. It was delightful to spend time with my sister and her family.  Each city has its own flavour and Edmonton definitely has a great deal to like.

While there, I edited and refined The Amity and outlined the next book in the Genetrix trilogy, to be set in the Canadian city of Calgary. Some of the mortal characters in the Spy Series will reappear, as the Amity does its job of kicking Evil’s butt.

This week’s new caricature is that of ghost Clifford Everett Miller, Cee’s beloved uncle and father figure.  He is the second son of his family and as such not the heir. To keep himself busy, he ran an art gallery in London. To keep himself amused, he operated an internationally renowned jewel theft ring. As his most valuable cat burglar, Cee inherited both businesses when he was murdered eighteen months before Cee.