Mar 12

Editors, Hidden Heroes of Words

Typewriter with paper scattered - conceptual imageThe Amity is now back from review by my editor, the indomitable J.P. Hansen. He is coaching me to make every word shine, to cut out the extraneous and to polish the MS in a way which makes for a good read.

Much has been written about how “Indies” are somehow less than professional, that their work is unedited and lesser than those who publish through traditional publishers. I do not believe that any author wants to publish a work that is sloppy and unreadable.  It is my fervent hope that because independent authors like me make the time to get it right, we shall earn the respect that the music industry has always given to its indies.

I am excited about the Genetrix series and the first book. It’s a fun fantasy for all ages. With any luck (and a lot of work) I am targetting mid April (my birthday) to launch. In the meantime, back to work!

(Photo purchased from Fotolia)