Oct 02

E book Covers – A Visual View of the Story

My life has been somewhat upside down this past year with Sam’s illness and passing and this past few weeks, my father’s passing. To say that I am somewhat rocked to my foundations is putting it mildly.

However, I have found solace in  writing the Genetrix series and immersing myself in another world.  My father’s death caused a temporary hiatus from writing, but I have spent the time polishing the covers for the Gentix trilogy and I am pleased.

Today I almost completed the third cover and am revealing for the first time, the cover for book 2, Brethren.

Because I used one of my characters from the Spy Series, Steven Hunter, to launch the ghost series with Malice & Murder, the series was of necessity in England, as the protagonists were childhood friends, and both were from England.  I love England, but I am Canadian. Thankfully, folks like my expert Kevin Robinson, allowed me to write an accurate version of British law.

But with the Genetrix series, I could write whatever worked for the new world I created.  And, I wanted to bring the story back to Canada.  All the major plot points in the series take place in  a house, hence the tie-in with the dwellings on the covers. Book 1 was in an abandoned stone cottage in the English countryside, Book 2, Brethren took place in a Victorian style home in Calgary, Canada, and Book 3 , Threefold, in an ancient Celtic castle.