Sep 08

Do Ghosts and Spirits Need Refuge?

Where does a group of ghosts and their army chillax (chill out and relax) without disturbing mortals, and safe from dark demons? This is a difficult decision.

In the first book of the Genetrix trilogy, the Amity does indeed seek refuge to regroup, discover their special gifts, and to become the kick-ass commando squad the Glynvyd (Ruling Council of the Upper World) envision. Where do they find such a place?

In the English countryside, hidden behind overgrown trees, shrubs, and hedgerow, stands the abandoned Stone Cottage. It has a Miller family connection, and is deemed perfect for the Amity’s purposes. Stone Cottage becomes so central to the happenings in this book, it has  been integrated into the book cover. Here is a glimpse of the Stone Cottage.