Aug 15

Changes, Expectations, and Life in General

I’m taking a break from packing for a two-week trip to Alberta. It seems my life is a series of irritating little snags of late.  I showed the completed cover of the Amity to a friend this morning and my reaction was unexpected.  It needs to be changed, tweaked, and refined even more, despite over one hundred hours poured into it. Or maybe, I’m just trying too hard.

Herein lies the rub. There are seventeen layers in the Photoshop file and although I can find my way around PS, I am by no means an expert. This probably means begin again, as the file didn’t transfer well from the invalid that is my old laptop to the skookum new laptop.

Ah well. Lesson learned, however hard to swallow.  From this day forward, I shall label layers and save in more than one place to ensure this doesn’t happen again.