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Malice & Murder is a tale of friendship, loyalty and a determined quest for a murderer. In the act of saving the life of his friend and fellow agent during an intelligence mission, Steven Hunter is badly injured by a bullet. When he surfaces, it is in a familiar childhood place where he sees his lifelong friend, Charlotte. There is a small wrinkle. Not only did their torrid affair end badly, she’s been dead for five years. She asks for his help to find her murderer, but will he agree?

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“I found this to be a great read. The storyline is very interesting with a few unexpected twists.  For me, the characters were very real and I loved how I envisioned them in my mind. I look forward to the author’s next book.” — Brenda R.

“A very enjoyable read…I think it would make an interesting movie and with today’s technology it could be a lot of fun…the ending was very satisfying. I like happy endings.”– Lottie O.

” I found it engrossing and very easy to read.  In short – I enjoyed it very much and you handled the Police procedural stuff extremely well.” –Kevin R.

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Book #1 This story highlights one of the many Toth family cousins.  John and Sara T happy world is changed drastically when her father is murdered. Upon their arrival in England for his funeral, his best friend is also murdered.  The murders center around a mysterious antique desk owned by Sara’s father, an old MI5 employee, and takes the family on a ride that they will never forget.

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BOOK #2 Some of the characters in Spies & Lies pop up in Paris, where newlyweds Sonya and Bryan Mylowsky travel to spend their honeymoon.Planned for two years, they are enjoying an idyllic holiday in Paris, revisiting his old haunts and friends from university days until  Sonya witnesses Bryan being kidnapped in broad daylight. Alone in a strange city and unable to speak the language, Sonya scrambles to find help and to rescue Bryan.  But why was he taken, and who kidnapped him?  Help comes from the most unexpected sources and the answers have far-reaching consequences.

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BOOK #3 Following the episodes in Paris, the family returns to Calgary, where they celebrate with a customary family get together. Unfortunately, there is a backlash from the Paris escapades and once again, our intrepid group are forced to band together to face a common enemy, an enemy that seeks vengeance on those that in his warped mind have done him wrong . He will use anyone, even the innocent, to achieve his goal as he follows our group of operatives from Europe to Calgary .  Forewarned about his intentions, they seek refuge in a rural fortress and are witness to his hellish destruction.

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BOOK #4 A family celebration brings to light a truth which will change the way that a man is viewed by his mother, son and colleagues.  In the process, old WWII scars are opened and an  international drug cartel is discovered.  This cartel will go to incredible lengths to remain anonymous, and their search triggers repercussions that no one could foresee, as an evil force is unleashed which wreaks havoc upon our intrepid group of operatives.

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In tribute to its time and place, this first book in the series it is a historical tale inspired by first hand information, as told to me by an amazing woman,  my mother-in-law, who actually lived that life. She took great delight when I shared what my characters were doing and I asked if it was feasible.  Sometimes, she said yes, and sometimes she said no, but then shared something that I didn’t know existed. It gives me great pleasure that I was able to record her early way of life before she passed away.  And so, began the Toth dynasty. This story is presented in three parts. It begins  with two children during World War One, and follows their journey of immigration from Ukraine to Canada, their growth as a family, along side the modernization of the rural areas of eastern British Columbia, World War Two and how the discovery of oil changed Alberta’s economy forever.

During the first World War, two frightened children witness a murder, binding their souls for life, but the life that they dream is in Canada.  Part 1 of Dreams & Destiny,  The Dream chronicles their journey from Ukraine to British Columbia, the sacrifices, the struggles and the triumphs that they endure to follow their dream

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Part 2 of Dreams & Destiny, Decisions, illustrates the day to day life on a fruit farm in the twenties and thirties, the decisions that are made and their repercussions, births and deaths, love and loss and lasting friendships. The depression hits, children grow and leave home to start their lives, and new families herald the beginning of the Toth Dynasty

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Part 3 of Dreams & Destiny, Destiny, shows the devastation World War II wreaks on the family, both in Canada and in Ukraine, chronicles the modernization of the rural areas, the impact of the discovery of oil in Alberta and how different life has become for the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Choices is a novel that begins at the end of Dreams & Destiny highlighting the lives of the grandchildren of the Toth family following the September Eleven disaster, the choices made by members of the family and their repercussions. Read more

A small town girl that made it in the ultimate big city, the nation’s capital, Susan Brody was achieving her goals, but her personal life was a little bit messy. Then her grandmother passed away and her world was rocked when her parents perished in the carnage that was September Eleven, Two Thousand and One. She was then forced to face a situation with which she was all too familiar and one that she never saw coming.

Susan Brody begins to live with the decisions that she has made in her life, but as she finally begins to find the happiness that she has been seeking, life throws her curves that she isn’t expecting, and she turns to those that are only here in memory to achieve the peace that she craves.


CHAPTER 1   It seemed, Sonya thought, that most of the important occasions in her large family took place in the restored Victorian home belonging to her sister, Susan.  She and her husband, Kevin, had the largest home of all of the Calgary cousins, and it was where they tended to congregate when everyone was …

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Choices is a two-part novel that begins at the end of Dreams and Destiny, highlighting the lives of the grandchildren of the Toth family following the September Eleven disaster, the choices made by members of the family and their repercussions.   Read more.

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Dreams and Destiny

PART 1 –THE DREAM  Prologue The window slammed, waking the elderly woman from a very sound sleep, a most unusual occurrence.  “I’m sorry, Gran, I didn’t realize you were still asleep.  You must have slept very soundly – didn’t you hear the thunder?” the young woman asked cheerily, as she glanced at her grandmother with …

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Le Marionette

PROLOGUE: May 28           Lightening buzzed through his head and flashed in his eyes. Then as suddenly as it began, it stopped. He was shivering now, his body trembling like an aspen leaf in the breeze. His parched throat screamed for water and his stomach had long ago given up its need for food.           …

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Murder & Malice First Chapter

PREFACE Keep your precious gemstones hidden, safe havens for them make When the Whisper comes to call, they are mine to take. Glimmer, glitter, pretty, pretty, yours not mine ’tis such a pity In a blink, a flash of time, what is thine shall now be mine. -N.M.Popovich Chapter 1 Noise, shouts and orders abounded. …

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CHAPTER 1   Sighing in unreserved happiness, Sonya’s eyes wandered to her new husband sitting in the adjacent seat, and she couldn’t prevent the smile from encompassing her entire face.  They were winging their way to Paris, a honeymoon trip planned for over two years. They lived with Sonya’s sister and her family in Calgary, …

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Spies and Lies

PROLOGUE He observed her through hooded eyes, as she painstakingly slid out of the old four-poster bed, picked up his discarded shirt from the floor and slipped it over her naked body, its length almost covering the knees of her long, lovely legs.  She threw a furtive glance at him to reassure herself that he …

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