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  1. Half-way Around the World — March 26, 2013
  2. Editors, Hidden Heroes of Words — March 12, 2013
  3. A New World — February 28, 2013
  4. It’s A New World For Me… — November 15, 2012
  5. E book Covers – A Visual View of the Story — October 2, 2012

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Mar 26

Half-way Around the World

I just returned from a week in China, and to say it was different is to declare that red is blue. And yet, in so many respects it was the same: concern for family, work, friends and lifestyle. Chinese people are charming and friendly despite the language barrier, and the cities busy and clean.  Vehicular …

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Mar 12

Editors, Hidden Heroes of Words

The Amity is now back from review by my editor, the indomitable J.P. Hansen. He is coaching me to make every word shine, to cut out the extraneous and to polish the MS in a way which makes for a good read. Much has been written about how “Indies” are somehow less than professional, that …

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Feb 28

A New World

I recently attended the funeral of my husband’s life-long friend’s wife.  It was my fear that this would bring back negative emotions from my husband’s passing less than a year ago.  It did bring emotions, but not in the way I expected. Admittedly, the past few years have been difficult watching my soulmate succumb to …

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Nov 15

It’s A New World For Me…

As I sit among the boxes filled with my possessions in my new condo, it occurred to me that it has been some time since life has allowed me the luxury to post on this blog. Our forty-first anniversary happened the long weekend in September, and I admit honestly, it hit me like a fist …

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Oct 02

E book Covers – A Visual View of the Story

My life has been somewhat upside down this past year with Sam’s illness and passing and this past few weeks, my father’s passing. To say that I am somewhat rocked to my foundations is putting it mildly. However, I have found solace in  writing the Genetrix series and immersing myself in another world.  My father’s death caused …

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Sep 23

Every Book Needs a Cover

My time in Edmonton was well-spent, and I returned home ahead of schedule on the Genetrix series.  Besides writing a major chunk of Book 2: Brethren, I had some time to conceive the premise and look for the series covers and actually put pen to paper and drew them. Over a number of glasses of …

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Sep 17

A Solitary Sunday Night – How Many Others Face One?

It has been a warm, sunny fall weekend here in Central British Columbia. I am babysitting my neighbour’s delightful eight year old Shih Tzu cross, an adoptee and the sweetest creature. Since she was adopted at the end of May, the routine has been that she comes across their patio and crosses mine to wait for …

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Sep 08

Do Ghosts and Spirits Need Refuge?

Where does a group of ghosts and their army chillax (chill out and relax) without disturbing mortals, and safe from dark demons? This is a difficult decision. In the first book of the Genetrix trilogy, the Amity does indeed seek refuge to regroup, discover their special gifts, and to become the kick-ass commando squad the …

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Aug 25

Another Amity Character

A vacation is a wonderful thing. It clears the mind and soothes the tired, enabling a refreshed and new outlook on many things, including writing. Another Member of the Amity joins the World of Genetrix page, Sir Alesdair of Murdoach, King of the Murdoach clan when he was murdered. He is Rupert’s ancestor, and lived …

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Aug 15

Changes, Expectations, and Life in General

I’m taking a break from packing for a two-week trip to Alberta. It seems my life is a series of irritating little snags of late.  I showed the completed cover of the Amity to a friend this morning and my reaction was unexpected.  It needs to be changed, tweaked, and refined even more, despite over …

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