Jul 10

Author Recognition – Visual Recognition

Boy, what a long title! Truthfully, I had no idea how to title this post.  What I am trying to do is to introduce the icon for my new trilogy, Genetrix.  You can find it on the Genetrix page and because I like it, on the home page. There is a benefit to having a website!

The icon is only a part of the cover of each book in the trilogy. This was my thinking…

The background fades from white at the top to black at the bottom.  It represents the Upper World (white) the Middle World (grey) and the Under World (black). Each title will be in a different colour, but the Celtic knot will always be in bright green, the colour of growth. There is some brightness in the ‘i’ dot to illustrate the connection with the Upper World, as are the rays of bright light on the bottom. It’s my mind’s eye illustration of the good guys.

Speaking of the ‘good guys’, the next caricature will be that of Charlie, the five year old prodigy. He may, or may not appear this week, depending upon my schedule. I have yet to draw Marvin and Lena, but Rhys and Maureen are already drawn, so there are still a number of characters to be visualized. Stay tuned…