Jun 25

A New Week, a New Place, a New Genetrix Character

A week flies by in the blink of an eye.and I wonder where it went.  Then I remember: getting my life  into a semblance of order, flying to Grande Prairie, Alberta to judge some very nice dogs and reconnect with some very nice people, and a visit with my sister and her family .Sometimes, being in a different city changes your perception, and I believe it is, to quote Martha, “A good thing”.

This week’s new caricature is one of our heroes from Malice & Murder. He is Cee’s sidekick, Rupert Murdoach, stalwart police murder detective, killed during his investigation to assist Cee to find her murder.

He’s become more than a sidekick and Cee has become the love of his afterlife.  Rupert plays a large part in Genetrix: The Amity, not only as Cee’s partner in their task assigned by the Universe, but  as an important part of Cee’s long wished for family.