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The World of Genetrix


What is a Genetrix?  The dictionary says it’s a female ancestor. In this instance, it is the name of my new fantasy trilogy.  Some of its heroes continue on from Malice and Murder, so they should be familiar to those aware if Cee found her murderer and who she enlisted to assist her.

What happens when sixteenth century ghosts team up with their modern day ancestors? Do they even understand one another? While they sort out some personal issues, these kick-ass ghosts form an elite unit to rid the Universe of encroaching evil.

In order to present the world of Genetrix, a new page has been added to this website, with illustrations to showcase the main places and characters. Meet The Amity.

The first book in the Genetrix trilogy, is back from editor extrordinaire, Jeff Hansen, it is my hope to have the book published by the end of April 2013.


“I got caught up in the story and before I knew it, I had read the whole thing. I guess that speaks for itself:-)) It was very enjoyable and I kept telling myself I would read just one more chapter and then go to bed but I couldn’t put it down.”




Malice & Murder is a tale of friendship, loyalty and a determined quest for a murderer. In the act of saving the life of his friend and fellow agent during an intelligence mission, Steven Hunter is badly injured by a bullet. When he surfaces, it is in a familiar childhood place where he sees his lifelong friend, Charlotte. There is a small wrinkle. Not only did their torrid affair end badly, she’s been dead for five years. Charlotte’s ghost asks for his help to find her murderer, but will he agree?

Watch Nancy!

I was fortunate to sit with Kathryn Burke for a series of video interviews about Malice & Murder. In this first video segment in the series, I share some of the background of this book. I also got used to being on camera, definitely  not my forte.

Five Star Reviews on Amazon!


“I found this to be a great read. The storyline is very interesting with a few unexpected twists.  For me, the characters were very real and I loved how I envisioned them in my mind. I look forward to the author’s next book.” — Brenda R.

“A very enjoyable read…I think it would make an interesting movie and with today’s technology it could be a lot of fun…the ending was very satisfying. I like happy endings.”– Lottie O.

” I found it engrossing and very easy to read.  In short – I enjoyed it very much and you handled the Police procedural stuff extremely well.” –Kevin R.

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Editors, Hidden Heroes of Words

The Amity is now back from review by my editor, the indomitable J.P. Hansen. He is coaching me to make every word shine, to cut out the extraneous and to polish the MS in a way which makes for a good read. Much has been written about how “Indies” are somehow less than professional, that …

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